Support for Your Family

Bringing a child into your family through adoption or foster care is a joyous experience.  There is often great expectation and excitement. Despite careful preparation, some families experience unexpected challenges.  Children may have experienced maltreatment or neglect in their biological families or through institutionalization.  Placement into a loving, stable family may not be enough in itself to heal these children's hurting hearts.  Some adoptees display social problems, anxiety, aggression or depression as a result of untreated trauma. Parenting these hurt children often requires different tools and extra support.  

Through counseling, we can help your child learn new skills to regulate their emotions, grieve losses and form a strong, healthy attachment to you.  Parents learn new tools to create loving, structured homes to increase feelings of safety for their children. In addition, parents develop strategies to renew the belief in their ability to parent an have joy in their lives.  Counseling can help instill hope and strengthen resilience in your children and in your family. 

Counseling for Adoptive or Foster Families